Things to Do

The sanctuary encourages water-based activities that are compatible with our mission of protection. Whether you’re boating, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, or whale watching, there’s plenty to responsibly enjoy in Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary.

Sail Boat


Responsible boating lets you get out into the sanctuary.

scuba divers in the tidal zone


The sanctuary’s shallow waters provide great snorkeling opportunities. Within the boundaries of Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary are many world famous snorkeling and diving spots, including Hawai‘i Marine Life Conservation Districts like Hanauma Bay on O‘ahu and Molokini Crater on Maui.

Stand Up Paddle Boarder


Grab your kayak, outrigger canoe, or stand up paddleboard and responsibly enjoy the waters in the sanctuary.

Kid fishing


Fishing is allowed in sanctuary waters.

Whale Watching Boat

Whale Watching

Whale watching is one of the most popular attractions in sanctuary waters.

Person surfing a wave


Some of the world’s most iconic waves are found in sanctuary waters.

Fish Pond

Native Hawaiian Fishpond

The historical fishpond on Maui, named Kōʻieʻie, fronts the sanctuary property on Maui and provides a natural classroom for educational efforts. The three-acre pond is one of the last remaining intact traditional fish ponds along the South Maui coastline.

Kid boogie boarding wave

Get Into Your Sanctuary

Join us each summer to celebrate responsible recreation through "Get Into Your Sanctuary” days.