Adult and calf humpback whales
Photo: J. Moore/NOAA under NOAA Permit 15240

The sanctuary is a leader, collaborator, and/or partner in many research efforts. The results of these projects are usually presented at scientific meetings and in publications or reports. Below is a list of projects and scientific products that the sanctuary has supported, been involved in, or led. For more information about these projects or their related products, contact the sanctuary and/or the listed researchers.


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Research activities at HIHWNMS during the 2021-22 whale season


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Research activities at HIHWNMS during the 2020-21 whale season


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Research activities at HIHWNMS during the 2019-20 whale season


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Splash - An international cooperative research effort that took place across the entire North Pacific from 2004 to 2007.


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Estimating Residence Times of Humpback Whales in Hawai‘i. Researchers: A. Craig, L. Herman, and A. Pack. Affiliation: The Dolphin Institute

Characterization of Behavior of Humpback Whales in Hawaiian Waters. Researchers: J. Darling. Affiliation: West Coast Whale Research Foundation and Whale Trust


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Shore-based monitoring along the Kohala Coast, Hawai‘i. Researchers: J. Ostman-Lind, A. Driscoll-Lind, et al. Affiliation: Hawai`i Marine Mammal Consortium

Social function of whale songs. Researchers: J. Darling, M. Jones and F. Nicklin. Affiliation: West Coast Whale Research Foundation.

Sub-surface and night-time behavior off Maui. Researcher: R. Baird

Behavior and development of calves in nursery waters. Researcher: R. Cartwright

Investigating demographics, behavior and growth using a new technique to measure individual whale size. Researchers: L. Herman and A. Pack. Affiliation: Kewalo Basin Marine Mammal Laboratory.


Valuing Hawai`i's humpback whales: the economic impact of humpbacks on Hawai`i's ocean tour industry. Researcher: Dan Utech. Affiliation: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


Population survey with other cetacean species: Results of 1993-1998 aerial surveys. Researchers: J. Mobley et al. Affiliation: University of Hawai`i - West Oahu.


Mother and calf survey in Ma`alaea Bay, Maui. Researchers: M. Ferrari and D. Glockner-Ferrari. Affiliation: Center for Whale Studies.

Photo-identification on Penguin Banks and behavioral comparison with North Atlantic Humpbacks. Researcher: D. Matilla. Affiliation: Center for Coastal Studies.

Long-term association patterns off Maui and on Penguin Banks. Researcher: D. Saldan. Affiliation: Hawai`i Whale Research Foundation.

Whale survey using respiration technique and shore-based survey methods. Researcher: J. Mobley. Affiliation: University of Hawai`i, West Oahu.


Population survey off Kahoolawe. Affiliation: Pacific Whale Foundation

Underwater videography and observations of age and sex classes of whales off Lahaina and Au`au Channel. Researchers: J. Mobley, D. Jensen and J. Lemire. Affiliation: University of Hawai`i, West Oahu


Population characteristics off Kauai: 1991-1993 data. Researcher: S. Cerchio