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Sanctuary Issues

Find out about the issues the sanctuary staff are currently working to address.

entangled humpback whale Entanglement
Entanglement in marine debris, such as fishing gear, is a growing problem for marine mammals. It can hinder diving, swimming, feeding, and surfacing activities, as well as the overall behavior of the animal.
HIHWNMS, MMHSRP Permit #932-1489

humpback whale with vessel collision scar
Vessel Collisions
Vessel-whale collisions
may result in serious injury to both humans and whales. It is illegal to approach a humpback whale within 100 yards in the water, as well as disrupt the normal behavior of a humpback, including its prior activity.
Center for Coastal Studies

humpback whale singer
Acoustic Disturbance
Acoustic disturbance due to dredging, blasting, shipping, recreational, testing and other activities may affect humpback whales and their behavior.
HIHWNMS, NOAA Fisheries Permit #782-1719

muddy water Water Quality
Habitat is critical for the conservation and health of humpback whales and other marine life.  Any activity which can lead to poor water quality can affect the habitat and ecosystem of the humpback whale.
Carey Morishige

trashy beach Marine Debris
Marine debris threatens marine wildlife and is a navigational hazard to transiting vessels. It also can have adverse economic impacts to shipping and coastal industries. Hawai`i's beaches should be beautiful, so why are some of them covered in debris?
Carey Morishige

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