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Entanglement is one of the primary threats to humpback whales. Use the links below to find out more about the issue, what is currently being done, and how you can help.

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The Threat and Impact of Large Whale Entanglements
Entanglement threatens humpback whales and many other marine animals. It has been estimated that hundreds of thousands of cetaceans die each year worldwide as a result of entanglements. The sources of these entanglements are extensive and diverse. Learn more about the problem and its impact.
Photo credit: E. Lyman/ HIHWNMS/ NOAA Fisheries MMHSRP Permit # 18786-02

Download a one page information sheet on large whale entanglement response efforts in the Hawaiian islands.

Check out the award winning whale rescue film "In the Wake of Giants".

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Hawaiian Islands Large Whale Entanglement Response Network
The Hawaiian Islands Large Whale Entanglement Response Network is a community-based network that was formed in 2002 in an attempt to free humpback whales and other marine animals from life-threatening entanglements and at the same time gather valuable information that will help mitigate the threat and its impacts in the future.
Large Whale Entanglement Response
Learn more about the equipment and technique used in large whale entanglement response.

Entanglement Responses, Outcomes & Summaries
Find out more about the reported entanglements and responses. Also, learn about the type of gear that has been removed from rescued animals.

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Rescue News
Learn about the most recent response efforts and information gained!
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How You Can Help
Learn more about how to report entangled whales and how you can support rescue efforts.

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