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Native Hawaiian Culture Working Group

Working Group Chair: Trisha Kehaulani Watson

Staff Lead:
Brenda Asuncion and Kanani Frazier

Background Information:
In order to effectively manage the biological resources which are an integral component of the ecosystems in Hawai‘i, the sanctuary has been asked to include the cultural perspectives which are unique to these islands. Native Hawaiian culture encompasses strong underlying values which are deeply rooted in the natural environment, and these values foster a cohesive relationship with the land and sea. Native Hawaiians who inhabited these islands prior to western contact developed a living system which allowed them to live sustainably with their natural environment. Communities and families still utilize cultural practices in their everyday lives, and many community comments collected in the scoping comment period addressed “cultural gathering rights”. The sanctuary will continue to honor and respect the heritage and living culture of Native Hawaiians and will incorporate traditional values and management principles to guide resource management decisions in the future.

Download the Native Hawaiian Culture Working Group Report.

Meeting Schedule:

November 1, 2011 - Meeting Agenda
July 27, 2011 - Meeting Minutes

Recommendation Documents:
Draft Recommendation - updated October 24, 2011

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Working Group Work Plan
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