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10 Things You Can Do!

1. Learn all you can.
Read, surf the Web and experience the ocean responsibly.

2. Be a smart shopper.
Learn more about the source and quality of your seafood.

3. Conserve water.
Be careful when washing your car or watering your lawn. Use a broom instead of a hose to clean your driveway or sidewalk.

4. Reduce household pollutants.
Cut down and properly dispose of herbicides, pesticides and cleaning products.

5. Reduce waste.
Dispose of trash properly. Whenever possible, recycle, re-use and compost.

6. Reduce automobile pollution.
Use fuel efficient and low emission vehicles or carpool.
Recycle motor oil and repair oil and air conditioning leaks.
Ride a bike or walk when traveling short distances.

7. Protect ocean wildlife.
Dispose of fishing lines, nets, or plastic items properly.

8. Be considerate of sealife habitats.
Don't feed sea birds, mammals and turtles or disturb their nesting grounds.
Support marine protected areas.

9. Get involved.
Take part in a beach cleanup or other ocean-oriented activities.

10. Care! Pass on your knowledge!

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