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Poems & Short Stories

2012 Sanctuary Ocean Contest Winning Entries

Short Stories


Kindergarten to Grade 4

1st Place
Kiana Akina
Kahuku, Elementary School, O'ahu

Humpback Whales
Humpback whales are very cute.
You'd never see one in a suite.

Humpback whales eat in the summer.
They weigh, more than a hummer.

Male whales sing a complex song.
Which can be repeated all day long.

Krill and fish is what they eat.
It seems that menu can't be beat.

Once they were hunted and had to hide.
Now there is 80,000 whales worldwide.

Humpback whales have a hump on their back,
And also a fin that is white and black.

2nd Place
Keau Kamakeeaina
Kahuku Elementary School, O'ahu

I Love Whales
I love whales
They have large tails,
They do tricks
Like pec slap, fluking, Spouting a nice mix.
They actually have hair
But not as much as a bear.
Known for their singing
And also for their breaching.
They date They mate,
They have daughters and sons
They can weigh up to 50 tons.
I love whales, I love whales
My favorite thing about them
Is their beautiful tails

3rd Place
Maybelle Veras
Kahuku Elementary School, O'ahu

The Humpback
Singing, breaching,
Fluking and more.
Spouting water,
out it pours.

On the water,
They slap their tails.
It's to warn other
Humpback whales

Head slapping whales
The meaning unknown,
Sometimes people see it
Their motions are shown.

These behaviors
Belong to Humpback whales.
These word of poetry
Are not fairy tales.

4th Place
Raena Tzotzos
Self Design, British Columbia

Taking care of our ocean isn't easy to do
But if we work together we can get the job through.
If we do not litter it will be easier to do and it saves the lives of animals too.

5th Place
Anuhea Anderson
Kahuku Elementary, O'ahu

I am a whale
I flap my tail
I eat krill
Krill does not stay still
Krill wobbles and bobbles
Whales gobble and gobble
They like to sing
It's their thing
Spread the news
So you can sing

Grade 5 to Grade 8

1st Place
Sam Hohenshell
Highview Middle School, MN

The Ocean
The Ocean
Blue bountiful beautiful
The ocean...

The ocean
Whales dolphins sharks
The ocean...

The ocean
Amazing fantastic gorgeous
The ocean...

The ocean
Pollutes wasted hurt, abused, misused
Our ocean...

1st Place
Pomai Tollenfsen
Kahuku Elementary School, O'ahu

Humpback Bunch
Everyone grumbled. The sky was dark and grey.
There was nothing to do, see or say.
We had been looking for whales all day.
We were about to give up, about to go home
I found one, a humpback whale.

Everyone was happy and merry
The captain turned around the ferry.
The tourists wiped their cameras
"Hurry take pictures" I heard the captain say
WE found a pod of whales today
We were all merry our faces bright
Tourists were dancing with sheer delight

We all saw them a pod of whales
Breaching, liking, even head slaps
We finally went home a delightful bunch
Because we saw them
The Humpback bunch

2nd Place
Yang Zhao
Punahou School, O'ahu

Call of the Sea
The ocean roars
The wave crashes
The valley echoes
We hear and come
The ocean calls to us
To preserve it
To take care of its beauty
To reduce waste in the ocean
Keeping sea creatures safe
Keeping the waters blue
Preserving its majestic pose
Shining forever

3rd Place
Nathan Hohenshell
Valentine Hills Elementary School, MN

Honolulu Beaches
Clear blue waves crash on the white, pure, sand of the beach of Honolulu.
Children make sand castles on the shore, and splash in the water
The habitat to several creatures, some deadly and other friendly
Beautiful and some virtually invisible.
Our ocean, their ocean, everyone's ocean

4th Place
Cameron Pagador
Kahuku Elementary School, O'ahu

Sight Seeing
Two humpback whales swam around in the sea
There was a mom and a baby whale watching me
I named the whales Maui and Akamai
As they flipped their tails and waved, goodbye
Go to Laie Point to see those two
I'm sure they will be happy and glad to see you

At Hanauma Bay, an Adult humpback is there
As she flaps and slaps and breeches in the air
A very happy humpback I can proudly say
Go there to watch her play all day.
She'll gladly raise her fin to say hello
Enjoy the show of the lovely fellow

Splash! I hear on the shore of Turtle Bay
As I watch in amazement and begin to say
"You humpback whale and your breath taking flips
Your beautiful enough we already know.
So go on with the performance. Show! Show!"

All of these places have humpbacks to see
They'll be flipping and splashing and playing guarantee
I love humpback whales.
I really do, and if you go see them so will you!

5th Place
Kawika Akina
Kahuku Elementary School, O'ahu

Humpback Whales
They are as long as a bus
They have ears like us
They have bumps all over
They don't need a makeover
Humpbacks love singing
They also love eating
They go 25 knots per hour
And they don't need a shower
They have a tail or fluke
And they will not puke
They eat small fish and krill
But they do not need a grill
A whale isn't a fool
It is just plain cool.

Short Stories

1st Place
Ikaika, C.V.A. Crookes
Homeschooled, O'ahu

A Close Call
In a warm and tropical ocean not so far way from here, there once lives a mother Humpback whale and her baby. Oh! How she loved her baby. "I'll name you Bluebody", she glubbed. Each day she would breastfeed him with warm milk.

What happens next is important, in a way because if you don't know the existing dangers for whales in their habitat, they'd go extinct. People who work for whales would probably lose their jobs, then the economy would go down, you'd feel horrible, and probably have to move.

But let us get back to the story. One day, as Bluebody's mother was breastfeeding him, she got entangled in a ghost net. The more she tried to free herself, the more entangled she became. Luckily for her Bluebody, a fisherman saw her and came to the rescue. That was a close call!

2nd Place
Maya Nicholas
St John Vianney, O'ahu

A Whale of a Day!

One morning when the sun peeked out of the pale clouds, I woke up for a field trip to go whale watching on a cruise ship called, "Atlantis Cruise." I woke up early, so I could attain breakfast and be on time for school. But, my plan didn't work because my alarm clock wouldn't work. I came to school late, after prayer, and then we went on the bus. When we arrived we noticed that the cruise ship was bigger than expected. We got on the ship and waited for ten to twelve minutes. Everyone was acting like we were in the Titanic it was hilarious! Then the shot started to drift out to sea. My friends Stella and Haley fled with me outside to scan the sea for any whale-tails, that was when we saw a whale breaching. We observed them for a while. WE saw the breaching happen several times and that was when everyone started screaming out of excitement. Then we charged to the upper deck and stared at two playful dolphins following the boat. Then we had to get off the boat because it was lunch. After lunch we hurried back to school. That was a great field trip. I hope I can visit there again.

3rd Place
Kira Prescott
Kipapa Elementary School, Hawai'i

I care
Hundreds of people go whaling. Half the amount are whaling right now. They use whale blubber for soap, candles, food and perfume. Long time ago people hunted whales for food and clothes. Today whaling is out of control. I am going to do something about it. There are ways to help stop whaling. You can join the coast guard and bomb whaling ships. You can help shorten the whaling season and decrease the catch of whales. So lets conserve these glorious giants. Think of ways you can make a difference. Help save a humpback whale. I care, do you?


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