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Poems & Short Stories

2009 Sanctuary Ocean Contest Winning Entries

Short Stories


1st Place, Poetry K-4
Dylan Lipps
2nd Grade, Age 7, Sunset Beach Elementary School

I Wish I Was a Humpback Too

I wish I was a humpback too
So I could swim in depths of blue
Throughout the day I’d blow my spout
With other whales I’d frolick about
I’d swim very far up and down the coast
And wave my tail to who I like the most.
Being a humpback would be cool.
If I were one I would sing a whale song for you.

2nd Place, Poetry K-4
Oliver Hanley
2nd Grade, Age 8, Sunset Beach Elementary School


Whales whales they breath air
Whales whales jump in the air
When they are babys they have hair.

Whales whales swim in the deep ocean
You blow water and cause a commotion
While all the people put on their lotion.

Some whales are toothed but you are baleen
And when divers come you can’t be seen
The blue whale is the biggest, the Hecter Dolfin is the smallest but you are in between.

3rd Place, Poetry K-4
Karly Noetzel
3rd Grade, Age 9, Hawai`i Prep. Academy

I See a Glistening Whale

I see a glistening whale
Smoothly gliding through
The water.
This graceful animal
Comes to a small coral reef
She sees lots of little creatures
All over the rocks.

She brushes up against the rocks
Most of her barnacles
Fall off
Like little parachutes
Gently going down
To the ocean floor.

This is why
You should always
Take care of the ocean
As it makes more life.

1st Place, Poetry 5-8
Reyna May Shumway
6th Grade, Age 11, Laie Elementary School

The Sea

As I walk on the shore the waves roll by
Beneath the bright blue endless sky
I breathe the salty air and I know certainly
That my heart will always belong to the sea.

The sight of a sunset, the beauty of a rose
But the sea, the sea and the life it holds
An amazing world, a welcoming dream
My heart will always belong to the sea.

The beauty, the scene catches my eye
As the clear waves dance to the wind’s lullaby
A feeling of peace dwells strong within me
My heart will always belong to the sea.

As it reaches dusk, the sun sinks low
Creating a horizon as it goes
The golden beam stretches as far as I can see
My heart will always belong to the sea.

The sun, the sky, the sand, the sea
Will always be apart of me
I let my soul soar out free
For my heart will forever belong to the sea.

2nd Place, Poetry 5-8
Gabrielle Salsman
5th Grade, Age 10, Mokapu Elementary School

Ocean Poem

Deep blue sea,
You dazzle me,
With your waves and foam,
It makes me feel at home.
With your swishing and swashing,
I’ll always be watching,
The reflection of the moon,
It makes you gloom.
Sitting on a hill,
It’s such a thrill
Watching the sunset,
Makes me get,
All fuzzy inside.
When the birds glide
Across the water
To catch the fish,
To stay here forever is such a wish,
Oh deep blue sea.

3rd Place, Poetry 5-8
Lance Chee
8th Grade, Age 13, Na`au Center

Endangered Humpback Whale

Endangered humpback whale,
you cry because your numbers
are collapsing to zero.

Calm humpback whale,
you swim freely among the ahi fish
in the delicate waters of Hawai’i.

Languid humpback whale,
you ease through
the tranquil currents.

Blissful humpback whale,
you dance with glee
and swim circles with your pod.

Spectacular humpback whale,
you fly out of the water
into the airwhile
spinning and twirling.

Incredible humpback whale,
you sing beautifully
in the warm waters
for all to hear.

Short Stories

1st Place
Maile Fediuk
2nd Grade, Age 7, Holualoa Elementary School

Willy the Whale

Once upon a time there was a baby whale. It was a baby humpback whale that just got born. The baby whale’s name was Willy. Willy wasn’t like any other baby whale. He was smart, truthful and also different from any other baby whale. Willy was different because he had a little flipper and a big flipper. Everybody teased him because of his little flipper. But there was one whale that didn't tease him. Her name was Nilly. Nilly and Willy were best friends. They both went to the same school. One day Willy and Nilly’s pod was traveling to Kona instead of Alaska. On their way to Kona their fathers and mothers caught Krill while the babies played. But there was one problem. There was trash in the water everywhere. When some people saw the whales they said “We must clean this up.” They worked very hard for a week. Finally it was done. The ocean looked beautiful like it used to. The people never threw trash in the water again. The whales were happy and the people were happy. They all lived a happy life.

2nd Place
Kathryn Kuhar
5th Grade, Age 10, Holomua Elementary School

A Whale Tale

Once upon a time a baby whale was swimming through the ocean with her mother. She loved the warm tropical waters off Hawai’i. This is where she was born three months earlier. Now it was time to migrate to her next home. She didn't want to leave this tropical paradise.

“Mommy, why do we have to leave here?” asked baby whale. “We have to swim north for the summer to eat and then we will swim back here,“ her mother replied.

The whales had to go to the feeding ground in Alaska. The next year they came back to Hawai’i.

When it was time to migrate again, the young whale refused to leave. She snuck away from here mother and decided she would not swim back north to the cold ocean. When mother found out she was heartbroken.

Meanwhile, her daughter was swimming all around. Then, night came. She was frightened by boats and wished she had her mommy. “I hope I can find my way to her,“ she thought desperately. Suddenly, she heard a cry, “Come here my little whale!”

Baby whale was overjoyed! Now she found her mother! Now she knew never to swim away from her mother again.

3rd Place
Kiari Orian
6th Grade, Age 11, Laie Elementary School

Kokua the Kai

About two years ago, there lived a whale named Hoku. The sparkling, warm Hawaiian waters were her home. She shared her home with her mom, dad, three sisters, and three brothers. One day Hoku decided to go for a little swim. Suddenly, she saw a little baby whale that had a little piece of shiny plastic in his fins. Hoku swam over to the baby and told the baby not to play with it. The baby ignored Hoku and tossed the plastic in his mouth. The baby began to choke. Hoku tried to help the baby whale but it was too late.

Hoku swam the baby over to his parents. His mom and dad were very sad. They cried so hard that the whole sea filled with two inches of tears. Two days later the baby whale died. All the marine animals gathered around the baby whale and said a hopeful prayer. They also prayed that no one else would get hurt from the litter that was thrown into the sea.

To prevent this from happening, everyone should pick up their rubbish. People should never litter. If we start to pick up all our rubbish it will make the world a better place to live in, especially for the sea creatures.


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