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Video & Photo Tips

Videography Tips

~ Always try to film in an open, sunny area
~ Use a tripod
~ Don’t zoom in and out too frequently
~ Use manual focus

Photography Tips

~ Always try to shoot with the sun at your back.  For softer, warmer light, shoot in the early morning or late afternoon. 

~ Change your position or shooting angle to minimize glare on the water.

~ Remember that when you press the shutter-release button of a small digital camera, there is a few seconds’ lag time before the actual shutter-release. When using these cameras, try to anticipate action or use burst mode to take a series of shots.

~ For enhanced colors and deeper sky tones, use a polarizing filter.  If you don’t have a filter, you can turn your polarized sunglasses into one.  Simply place the glasses as close to the camera lens as possible.

~ To get a straight horizon line with a digital camera, take multiple shots and reposition the camera a little before each one.  Select the best photo later.

~ Use a tripod

~ Use manual focus

~ Don’t rely on digital zoom

~ Don’t use flash

~ Vary your shooting angle

~ Experiment with depth-of-field

~ Be patient!

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