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Migration Game

Humpback whales are found in oceans worldwide.  They hold the record for the longest migration among mammals.  Play this fun and interactive game to learn more about the North Pacific stock of humpback whales and their migration to Hawai`i.  Learn about the dangers that humpbacks may encounter and find out what you can do to help.  Have fun!

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Sanctuary Sam

Sanctuary Sam logo
NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuary Program launched a new national ocean literacy, education, and public awareness campaign featuring Sanctuary Sam, a California sea lion as the program’s “spokes-sea lion” from his SeaWorld-based home in Orlando, Fla.

Sanctuary Sam conveys important messages to the American public — particularly children — about the marine environment, highlighting the current problems facing the oceans, including pollution, marine debris and habitat destruction. Check out Sanctuary Sam's adventures.

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Oceans Live

Ocean Live website graphic

Oceans Live website graphic


NOAA's National Marine Sanctuary Program the nation's underwater ecosystems to the American public by linking existing system-wide oceanographic monitoring programs with interactive telepresence technology.

Telepresence technology allows individuals to experience up-close the wonders of these special marine areas without ever getting their feet wet.

Using underwater cameras, telepresence uses a live, interactive video feed to support distance learning programs, exhibits in aquaria and visitor centers, and Web-based learning tools.

Kids, visit Oceans Live now to take part in exciting education activities!

Ocean Encyclopedia

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Explore this great online marine life field guide, which covers critters from sea stars to the gigantic blue whale. Learn about different species in the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary and other sanctuaries using this encyclopedia reference by watching videos, studying information about their habitat, distribution, diet and much more.

Sanctuary Education Publications Whale Tail kids logo

Find information to help with school projects and also find fun activities in the Sanctuary library. Look for the whale tail for special kids information.

Sanctuary Kids Page

Don't miss the special activities on the Sanctuary's kids page!

National Marine Sanctuary Program Games, Activities and More

Ocean Guardian Kids Club


Join the Ocean Guardian Kids Club! Find out about the club, download an activity book and more!

Students visit the NMSP's Education website for more offerings and just for fun!


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