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Sanctuary Advisory Council Final Recommendation Reports

The Sanctuary Advisory Council (council) working groups have developed management recommendations to address priority issues identified during a 90-day public scoping period that was held in summer of 2010. These recommendations do not reflect the endorsement of any individuals or agencies but are a result of a process by the working groups which synthesized multiple sources of information and collectively developed and produced these reports. Working group reports were presented to the full council for their review and approval at the January 17&18, 2012 meeting. The council voted to forward all recommendation reports as shown below to sanctuary management. The recommendations do not reflect the view of the sanctuary, the State of Hawai'i, or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Learn more about the council's working group process.

All final recommendation reports are listed in alphabetical order below.

Climate Change Recommendation Report (188 KB)

Ecosystem Protections Recommendation Report
(356 KB)

Enforcement Recommendation Report
(128 KB)

Humpback Whale Protections Recommendation Report
(448 KB)

Maritime Heritage Recommendation Report
(68 KB)

Native Hawaiian Culture Recommendation Report
(260 KB)

Ocean Literacy Recommendation Report
(156 KB)

Offshore Development Recommendation Report

Water Quality Recommendation Report
(284 KB)

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