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Kihei Campus

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The master plan for the Kihei site calls for comprehensive look at the three buildings, the surrounding area, and how to best integrate them with an overall campus feel. Renovations to the two aging buildings will ensure they are maintained and useable, while updated configurations will allow better use of the space for visitor and office use. Implementation of the plan started in 2005 with the construction of the Sanctuary Learning Center and will be finished in phases depending on the availability of funding.

The campus includes the integration of all three buildings through an open outdoor plaza at the west end of the current parking lot. The historic building will be renovated to maximize its floor plan and the first floor will become a visitor center. New exhibits with more interactive and visitor friendly educational tools will be developed while maintaining the spectacular view of sanctuary waters. The masonry building will be renovated into office and administrative space and a wet lab with improvements to reduce flooding impacts to the building.

The recommendations for the campus and for each building are listed below.
✔= Accomplished or = In Progress

Site Improvements
Construct a new low stone wall and entry sign. ✔
Create a hard-scaped courtyard between the buildings that can also be used for overflow parking.
Provide a 'natural' landscape that complements the courtyard.
Install signage and kiosks to present the cultural resources and history of the site.
Re-build the outdoor classroom adjacent to the Masonry Building.
Provide mitigations to the parking lot to reduce flooding including a speed table and extending existing rock walls ✔
Determine what protection measures are required to protect the shoreline from erosion.

Historic Building
Make needed repairs to stabilize the building (structural, weatherproofing, etc...). ✔
Repair and renovate the interior with plans for a first floor visitor center. ✔
Remodel the second floor into efficient office space for staff. ✔
Build new main entrance, handicap access, and expanded lanai. ✔
Design and install exhibits for the visitor center.

Masonry Building
Reduce the risk of flooding by installing flood doors (temporary). ✔
Flood proof the building. ✔
Make appropriate interior improvements, including ceiling, lighting.
Construct a new entry canopy (trellis) and "stoop" Create a wet lab for students.

Conservation Efforts for a Green Campus

Future Courtyard

Planning Documents for the Kihei Campus

Reducing Flooding Impacts


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